Haras de La Mellerie - the stud

A global love story

It all started with a man, a woman and their daughters, all four of them loving horses. Their utmost desire : live in the very heart of nature, surrounded by horses. This almost naturally resulted in giving life to a horse farm  where they would share their passion with others as well as their experience of horses' needs and the synergy they offer.


When, by chance, they came across a small Lusitano stallion with great and exceptional qualities, the breeding project of the horse-farm came into its full dimension and the stud was born.


The Melleranos

Pascal, the founder and owner of the stud, has always been an outdoor horseman preferring off-road track riding and fully experiencing a playful complicity with his horse. So very naturally he aimed at obtaining a breed of cob-sized all-round talented horses that are sure-footed, easygoing, well-balanced, with power and stamina and yet calm. The ideal family and leisure horse.


Judicious selection and careful cross-breeding  between Haflinger mares and the promising Lusitano stallion brought the desired result : the Melleranos as those, who know and love them, affectionately call this new although unofficial breed.






Ortegon, father of the first Melleranos :

A highly talented Lusitano, small but strong,

easy, generous and extremely well-balanced.


International horse-show Bordeaux, under the saddle of the young side-saddle horsewoman Béatrice-Anne de La Mare.



Marinero XXI -  Andalusian stallion


Close to man

It's a hardy breed and they may be, sometimes, a bit headstrong like Haflingers, but all the Melleranos have in common their friendly caracter, their closeness to man and the Lusitanos avidity to learn and make himself useful. Their very special sensitivity enables them to learn almost anything that may be required and to become excellent leisure and even carriage horses.


Whenever he sells horses, for this is what he is obliged to do, Pascal reserves the right to chose those he accepts as buyers for his protégés who reallu love horses and are ready to give them all they need. The others continue living and working with him on the stud until their retirement and he will take care of them to their very last breath just as he did when he saw them come into the world.